$ 64.00 $ 35.00

  • Hand crafted from 100% natural bamboo
  • 100% polarized lenses that reduce glare and allow for better vision
  • Lightweight and smooth for a comfortable fit and feel
  • Sealed bamboo giving them the ability to float in the water
  • Saltwater resistant lenses

(orders take up to 7 Business Days to arrive)

$15 USD - First Class International Shipping
(orders take up to 2 weeks to arrive)

Stiffies are bound to become the ultimate fashion statement during 2019! Stiffies are the best glasses that you can buy if you a beach lover or swimming pool user. As they are made out of bamboo, they float in the water for hours. This is great if you are planning to spend the day by the pool. High-quality lenses match the fantastic finish of the frames and will protect your eyes even from the strongest UV rays.

Stiffies will comfortably fit most people and look great at the same time. If you are someone that's concerned about plastic waste, you'll love your Stiffies glasses. They are perfect for spending the day messing around with your friends and enjoying activities such as paddleboarding or games on the beach.

To order your Stiffies, all you need to do is to place your order today. We will dispatch them to you using First Class post and they should be with you in 7 days’ time. Our glasses offer fantastic value for their cost. If you are looking for a pair of glasses that are truly versatile, Stiffies are perfect for you. The lenses are high-quality and will help to protect your eyes from glare whether you are in your car or out on your paddleboard.


Customer Reviews

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Great Cause

I love the cause that gets supported through Woody, and the frames are pretty rad. The only draw back is that the lenses come off as fairly cheap. I drive quite a bit for work and the polarization part makes a weird display when looking at my GPS or any electronic display (alsmost as if I’m wearing 3D glasses and looking at a non 3D compatible display), as well as when I look out of a tinted window. If the quality of the lenses can step up, the product overall would be money!

Hello Amie, We are thrilled that you think our frames are rad and support our cause for helping protect the World's oceans! The lenses on all of our sunglasses are UV400 Polarized lenses, which is the HIGHEST level of polarization for sunglass lenses. The high quality polarization does tint and adjust colors when looking through the lenses. The reason for this being is because the lenses are actively blocking out sun rays and protecting your eyes. I hope this was helpful! Cheers! Best Regards, Alex Gomez Co-Founder #FloatOn
Awesome shades

Greats pair of shades for the active recreational beach goer


The frame is very light and comfortable, the glas very clear and protective. .quiet happy with it . But I now Woody Frames can do better

Solid Shades

Great,durable shades. Have had them for a few months and absolute love them!

Quality sunglasses

You can tell from the first time you wear these sunglasses that it is a quality product. The look and feel are great to go along with their durability.