best eco-friendly & floating sunglasses

A sunglass is the trendiest and most beneficial item you can accessorize with. Every outdoor enthusiast who loves to stay classy and trendy knows to stock their closet with lovely sunglasses. A lot of people have attested to the fact that wearing a pair of sunglass is the best way to function maximally in your outdoor fun activities.

Woody Frame Sunglasses are the perfect sunglasses to own right now. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. They are unique, and we are sure that you will love them. Woody Frame Sunglass is the most stylish sunglass you can wear for your outdoor activities. Our sunglasses are versatile and can go perfectly with any kind of outfit, trust them to also make you look great anywhere you go.

Woody frame sunglasses are the unique outdoor fashion item around town. They are eco-friendly and have floating capability. Our sunglasses are made from bamboo which is the most superb alternative for any other material. Bamboo is known as the world's most renewable material; it is fast-growing, sustainable, and absolutely eco-friendly. Making use of bamboo to create a collection of beautiful sunglasses is our own way of improving our environment.

When we say our sunglasses are unique, we really do mean it. Our sunglasses can float in water because they are made from an extremely light substance, Bamboo. The floating property is one of the great features that makes our sunglasses the best protective outdoor item you can own. You don't have to be scared when your sunglass falls into water when swimming because It will definitely float, so you can easily pick it up and wear again.

Everyone Should Own Our Eco-friendly And Floating Sunglass
Woody Frame is a pacesetter when it comes to making beautiful and lovely outdoor sunglasses. We have chosen the best material that has proven to be beneficial to every person on earth. Woody Frame sunglasses are highly versatile; they can be styled for any outdoor appearance you intend to make. For everyone looking for a touch of style, our sunglasses are just the best ever. Woody frame has made a series of fashionable, modern, and fantastic sunglasses for your outdoor activities.

For the next time, you are looking to enjoy a nice time at the beach; a Woody Frame sunglass is one of the essentials you need to go along with. Whether you need to swim, go hiking or fishing, your checklist is not complete without our eco-friendly and floating sunglass.

Perfect For Outdoor Activities -Your Eye Protection Is Guaranteed
Woody Frame sunglasses are designed to be protective of your eyes. They are UV 400 polarized lenses that can keep your eyes healthy and vision sharp. Exposure to UV is one of the greatest causes of severe eye conditions. All outdoor activities require good eye protection from UV. Our eco-friendly and floating sunglasses have the eye protection property that you need and more.

Our polarized lenses have a unique coating that eliminates glare. Glare is an intense light from the sun that reflects off water or a solid surface. This happens a lot on the beach or lake; light from the sun reflects off the water and makes you have a blurry vision. Our UV 400 polarized lens filters the light as it comes from different angles and permits you to view objects clearly. Without our lens, you may have a problem with depth perception, color perception, and a distorted view of the things around you.

One of the most important things to consider when looking to buy a sunglass is its protection capacity, UV rays are too bad to be put off the list of things to consider when buying a sunglass. Woody Frame eco-friendly and floating sunglasses are designed to give the highest level of protection to your eyes. Our lens blocks out 100% of harmful lights coming from the sun including harmful UV rays.