Electric Green Boozers

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  • Hand crafted from 100% natural bamboo
  • 100% polarized lenses that reduce glare and allow for better vision
  • Lightweight and smooth for a comfortable fit and feel
  • Sealed bamboo giving them the ability to float in the water
  • Saltwater resistant lenses

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Our Boozers are the ultimate eco-friendly high-quality glasses that you need to have in your beach bag this summer. Not only are they perfect for when you are messing around on the beach, but they are lightweight enough to make them the best glasses that you ever owned if you are an outdoor nut. You don't have to worry about them sinking if you drop them in water as they are made from sealed bamboo. As a matter of fact, they are perfect if you spend a lot of time on the water.

Your Boozers glasses will arrive complete with a bamboo case and microfiber bag that you can use when traveling. Everything about this product is environmentally friendly and of high-quality. Boozers glasses are unisex and would make a great present for a friend or a family member.


Customer Reviews

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I’m now on my second pair of Woodys, an I do really enjoy them. The smooth feel of the bamboo, the lightness of the frame, and the crisp color lenses that really make your colors pop! The salt water resistant lenses makes them last forever without fading🙌Perfect for the beach!

My Eyeballs LOVE these~!

GUYS!! I'm officially onto my 2nd pair of these sunnies, & I absolutely LOVE THEM! They are suuuper lightweight, super durable, stylish, they ACTUALLY float (I've had others that claimed they do, which sunk on me... RIP...), & they come with a sweet wooden carrying case for extra protection! The color options are super rad, and the customer service is ON POINT :):) !! When ordering my 2nd pair, I decided to change it up a little & go for a different color. Once they arrived to me, I decided I liked my original color better. Once contacting customer service, they were in constant contact with me, extra friendly & super helpful! My problem was resolved in no time, with no extra cost to me :):) I'm constantly getting compliments on how great these glasses look! and talk about affordable!! These are, hands down, the best sunglasses I've ever owned & will definitely be sending my friends in this direction! Thank you Woody Frames!! :)

Concept and style blended perfectly

The fact that they look great, are comfortable, and FLOAT is amazing!

best pair of sunglasses!

It's been over a month now since I've had these amazing singlasses, and I absolutely LOVE them! Not only are they stylish and hip, but they are truly light-weight (lightest pair I've ever owned and less pressure on my nose). In addition, they actually float in water (another first for me!) because they're made from.bamboo (can you say, "eco-friendly"! How awesome!!). In searching for a new pair, I also needed UV protection, and so Woody Frames delivers that promise as these sunglasses are UV400 Polarized, which provide adequate protection from UV Rays, and are most beneficial to me when I'm at the beach, driving, doing outdoor activities or near any body of water (here in Hawaii). People often compliment my sunglasses and ask where I got them, which has never happened before with any other pair of sunglasses. And what's even better is the price! With the 15% first-time customer discount and free shipping, this is probably the most affordable pair of quality sunglasses I've ever purchased/owned. I highly recommend these sunglasses, and I look forward to purchasing more pairs as gifts for family and friends. •Aloha from Oahu♡•

Gift that keeps Giving

Bought these for a friend who noticed my Purple Hazies and we both love our glasses!