Why Bamboo Sunglasses?

Right now, bamboo is the answer to eco-friendly fashion. There are so many advantages that our bamboo sunglasses have over other sunglasses. Bamboo itself is a beautiful and unique plant, and this is exactly why we can make something great out of it. Bamboo maintains its position as the most eco-friendly material. These are a few important things to know about the eco-friendly bamboo:

  • Did you know that bamboo is the quickest growing woody plant in the world? This is a super amazing fact. A single bamboo plant can grow up to four feet in just one day. That's quite impressive for a woody plant.
  • Bamboo is a biodegradable plant. This amazing plant is 100% biodegradable which makes it the best fashion material when talking about eco-friendly fashion. It is capable of quick and natural breakdown; it is capable of being decomposed by microorganisms without pollution. Using bamboo is a total and complete way to enjoy eco-friendly fashion. 
  • Bamboo is a tough plant. When rocking Woody Frame sunglasses, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Bamboo is tough, so you wouldn't have to be scared about your sunglass getting damaged.
  • Bamboo is lightweight. You don't want to wear a sunglass that will put pressure on your facial muscles. We can promise you that our bamboo sunglasses are the lightest sunglasses you've ever seen. They are lightweight even when you are wearing them, which is one of the reasons why they are just perfect for every outdoor activity.


October 01, 2015 by Clayton Gravely